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How to Create a WordPress blog

In order to create a WordPress blog, there are a couple of things you need to have first:

  1. A domain. That is the blog name (like
  2. One good hosting package.

My recommendation is to use BlueHost’s services. They offer a very good hosting package starting from only $3.95 per month and include a free domain name.

About the hosting pack

The hosting holds all your blog files as well as the images you are using in posts. It’s important to have a hosting package that has a good uptime (time the server will be working). Usually, over 99.5% uptime will be ok for your blog. That means at least 99.5% of the time in one year the server and your website will be available and work.

Another key thing you need to have is disk space on that server. A typical WordPress would require around 10mb. besides that, let’s say you post an article each day which contains an image (~500Kb). In one month you will use about 15Mb of additional space and in one year 180Mb. Adding videos, banners, themes and other things you may require additional space.

BlueHost it is a very reliable hosting company that offers a whopping 99.99% uptime and a large amount of disk space for you to store anything. I strongly recommend getting the Plus Pack as it can hold multiple WordPress website and has unlimited disk space for an additional $2.46 per month.



The domain name

The name of your blog is very important. Write down a few names that you consider good and check which are not already taken. Keep in mind that for SEO and Marketing reasons your blog name shouldn’t be too long (try keeping it under 8 characters), avoid as much as you can the use of “-” (hyphen) and most important, check the spelling. Misspelled domain names are used mostly because they are brandable. A very good example is (misspelled from Flicker).

A good domain name is short, easy to remember and describes very good the blog’s content. Here you can find a short list of domain name research tools you can use.

WordPress Installation

Installing a WordPress blog is pretty straight forward. After you download the blog files you just need to upload it on your hosting server. After all the files are uploaded, just open the blog’s address in a browser and configure the database. In less than 10 minutes you can have your blog up and running. Please check the detailed guide on installing a WordPress blog or use our services.